Why you need to read my gynexin review

There are literally 100's of methods out there on the market to help get rid of man boobs. Most methods only lead to more shame and some burn holes in the pocket. The truth is only 1 or 2 of them actually work. You're about to get a crystal clear picture of gynexin and whether you should buy it or not. This blog post was peer-reviewed by Grant Hughes, MD.

Dr. James Hopkins / Former gynecomastia sufferer.

Let's start with the gynecomastia treatment market as a whole. Just about every man and his dog can get into the man boob reduction market by outsourcing the production of pills / supplements to an unknown pharmaceutical company and then get some fancy packaging made by a skilled designer.

But to make a genuine product that actually helps reduce gynecomastia, you need a Doctor who understands how the ingredients impact the production of male breast tissue and how said ingredients should be combined to produce a treatment that works.

Once you have the formula, you need to source high quality ingredients, manufacture the product in an FDA approved facility and test them in a certified lab.

Unfortunately, this genuine approach and quality control is lacking in the gynecomastia reduction business and many of the companies operating within it do so under the cover of darkness in a fly by night manner.

The results of the end user are often disheartening – consumers, impressed by the marketing materials and fancy packing often pick the wrong product; later finding out the male breast reduction promises never materialised and they then leave nasty reviews about the product and whole industry in general.

Let me share my insider knowledge with you about gynexin, what you can expect and what other options you have. But before that…


My Credentials

Hi, I'm Dr. James Hopkins and I'm happy to see you here. I've  been actively involved in the gynecomastia industry for over 7 years first as a sufferer and later as an expert on treatments, false diagnosis and testing of various of products. I was brought on board by GynexinWorld.com to share my experiences, help with Q&A's and publish my thoughts. I hope you find them useful.


I know what it takes to make a genuine product and I know a scam when I see one.


I'm not representing any companies – I'm self employed and I've gone on record to shame products that aren't worth a single penny.

Straight Talking

In my review, you won't find any fluff talk or spurious claims. I give it to you straight and get to the point quickly.

The Dr. James Hopkins Gynexin Review

I've divided up my review into a number of parts – you can choose to read it all or skim to the subheadings most relevant to you and your man boob situation.

I'm starting with a quick refresher on gynecomastia and what it actually is; as you'll see many guys think they have gynecomastia when in fact it's just fat. Then I'll talk more Gynexin in a full review.

By the end of this page you'll have a solid understanding about what Gynexin does and doesn't do. Armed with that information you'll be able to make an educated buying decision.

Gynecomastia Refresher

I know I know, you came here to read a review of Gynexin and not learn about the science behind gynecomastia. I've added to this review over time using feedback and user questions; a refresher is needed because there are a lot of misconceptions out there.


Gynecomastia is the excessive growth of breast tissue in adult men which leads to what are commonly know as man breasts, man boobs or moobs.

Stats show that 36% of young adult men and 57% of older adult men in the USA suffer from Gynecomastia in varying degrees. Often spread across 4 grades by medical professionals.


This is the common (often self diagnosed as true gynecomastia) condition where enlargement of the pectoral area is caused by the accumulation of fat and not breast tissue.

They do look very much the same but treatment options are broader.

Mixed Gynecomastia

In many cases the enlargement of male breast tissue is caused by both an increase in breast tissue and a build up of fat content.

This is called mixed gynecomastia. If you're carrying a fair bit of weight around along with your moobs, then you most likely have a mixture of the two.

Pubertal Gynecomastia

We get a lot of younger guys on this site often worried they have gynecomastia. Some of you may well do, but I always point out that development of male breast tissue occurs in 40% of boys during puberty and disappears once they are fully grown.

If you're a teenager worried about moobs then don't be – it's likely only temporary.

What Are Your Options for Gynecomastia Treatment?

So we know gynexin is one option – but first, let's quickly look at some other options along with their pros and cons. If you're reading this and you're in the market for a gynecomastia treatment it's important you know your options.

The main treatments are as follows: a compression or muscle enhancing shirt – temporary fix and leads to a lot of disappointment when it comes off. Trust me I've been there; there's no worse feeling than seeing a woman realise you've got bigger boobs than her after bringing her back home from a bar. Second is a gynecomastia treatment pill like Gynexin and the final option is man boob removal via plastic surgery.

As of right now – only one of those above is guaranteed to work and permanently get rid of your gynecomastia and that's plastic surgery. It's, of course, the most expensive and can lead to complications, but they're few and far between and there's no uncertainty involved – it will get rid of your gynecomastia.

So what about Gynexin? In my opinion, it's the only other viable alternative to surgery and whilst there are no guarantees with a product of this nature results show it's helped a large portion of sufferers to permanently get rid of moobs without taking time off work or having to stump up the cash for surgery.

How I Discovered Gynexin Alpha Formula

I began my gynecomastia journey about 7 years ago. I'd noticed my pectoral area enlarging and my nipples puffing slightly for quite a while but didn't really pay much attention to it. Until that is I went on a holiday to Miami and things were a little embarrassing on the beach. Upon return I did my research, first self-diagnosed myself as having man boobs and later had it confirmed by a physician. Once diagnosed – I had to look into treatments, surgery was, of course, the main option but I wasn't overly keen.  Having worked in medical related roles throughout my twenties as a lab technician I knew there'd be some alternatives out there that I could at least try. I wasn't 100% sure what would work for me and what wouldn't, but I was willing to give anything a try to avoid going under the knife.

Having heard good things about natural products I hit the web to do some research. Even back then the market was filled with misinformation and misleading products that weren't backed by anything credible. I've always been a good judge of spotting something too good to be true so armed with that I went looking for a product that met the following criteria:

  • Is the manufacturer reputed?
    Does the company have a history in the field and is it easy to find out details about them?
  • Are the ingredients high quality?
    Can I get details about the ingredients of the product and how they are sourced?
  • Is the ingredient mix effective?
    Have ingredients being mixed in an appropriate way to make them effective?
  • Does the product contain any artificial ingredients?
    Are the company using artificial ingredients which I don't want to ingest?
  • Is the product tested in a certified lab?
    I was strictly looking for products made in FDA approved labs and put through stringent testing.
  • Is the product endorsed by a doctor?
    Is the product backed by medical professionals and more importantly does it have verifiable testimonials from past users?
  • Is the price competitive?
    There's no point paying over the odds for a product that isn't guaranteed to work. Surgery would be more viable.
  • Is the product backed by a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee?
    If I'm not happy with the product or think I was missold – can I get my money back?

Gynexin ticked a lot of boxes

After searching high and low, Gynexin was the only product that came close to meeting my criteria. Did it meet every single one perfectly? Nope, it's very rare to find a product that will do. But it met enough of them to give me some confidence in getting my wallet out and hopefully seeing some results.

What I like about Gynexin

I choose and ultimately used Gynexin for a number of reasons. Firstly it's made in an FDA approved laboratory in the United States. Sadly some of the products I came across weren't which was an immediate red flag.

I'm a big advocate of consumer rights and Gynexin comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for unopened bottles. That gave me some piece of mind.

Amongst all the products I could find, gynexin was the only one with credible case studies and testimonials and one I could find qualified Doctors talking about in high regard.

The packaging was discrete, when I placed my first order I live in a shared apartment where signing for each others deliveries happened on a regular basis. I was quite embarrassed about trying the product and didn't want anyone else to know. The plain packaging was a godsend.

What I don't like about Gynexin

It's not cheap. Price is always a factor for me and Gynexin certainly isn't the cheapest product out there. It wasn't a deal breaker for me but it certainly put some hesitation in my mind before making my first purchase.

You can't get a refund if a bottle is opened. This is to prevent contamination etc.

What Gynexin Doesn't Do

After writing the first iteration of this review I got a lot of questions about how Gynexin will help tone and shape the chest from a bodybuilding perspective.

The answer is – it doesn't do that. Let me be clear; the role of gynexin is to reduce male breasts. That's it. It doesn't give definition or build muscle. The only way that can be achieved is in the gym.

The recommended course of action is use gynexin and see if works for you. Start hitting the gym and as your breast tissue reduces you can work on developing a more muscular build.

What Gynexin Did For Me


After getting the first batch, I ordered 5 months supply, I took the recommended dose for 3 weeks and if I'm being honest I didn't see much change. I thought there was some reduction but I put this down to the placebo effect.

In the fourth week I decided to make changes to my daily routine. For the first 3 weeks I'd still been eating unhealthily and not exercising a great deal. I put in place a stricter diet, joined a tennis club and began to do a lot more physical activity alongside taking Gynexin.

After 2 weeks of that (week 6 of taking Gynexin), I got my first breakthrough and began to see visible results. By week 12 I'd seen around 20% reduction which was pretty incredible and things kicked on from there.

Truth be told I had no idea what to expect from the product – I wasn't going in expecting 100% reduction like some people might but even that 20% reduction was life changing and gave me a lot more confidence.

After a year of really paying attention to my diet, working out religiously and playing a lot of tennis, combined with a daily dose of gynexin my gynecomastia had all but gone. I'd gotten in much better shape and I've not needed to take the product since December 14th 2012.

Do I put that solely down to gynexin? Nope, it's a combination of the product and working hard to get myself in good shape. Put them both together and there is a good chance you will see real results.

Will Gynexin Work For You?

I get asked this question a lot and the honest answer is: I don't know. Maybe it won't have any effect at all, maybe it will reduce your moobs by 20% – which to me is pretty damn impressive or maybe it will get rid of them all together.

All I will say is you don't need a 100% reduction to feel or see the difference.

My recommended course of action is try them out and see what happens. But don't treat them as a standalone method – if you're not eating healthy or exercising you're going to negate the positive effect they have.

Given the fact Gynexin is a non surgical approach and comparatively it's much cheaper I'd always say give it a go. Ultimately the decision is yours but if you try it, let me know how you get on and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

If you're thinking about ordering you can use the link below to save some cash on your first order. I hope it does for you what it did for me. Cheers.

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